Log Packages

Shawnee Log Cabins has three packages you can choose from, ranging from "Logs Only" to "Basic Shell" to the "Deluxe Shell" package. The "Deluxe Shell" includes all the logs, timbers, beams, siding, tongue-and-groove material, insulation, fasteners, gasket, and caulk you will need to build your home.

You can also create your own "Custom" package by selecting as few or as many of the components as you wish. (See illustration above.) You're not locked into a pre-packaged kit, as you are with many log home companies.

With Shawnee Log Cabins, the savings can be substantial! Logs are cut at random lengths, as opposed to precut, and can save you up to 40% on the cost of your logs. Builders have told us our logs go up about as fast as the precut kits. Since they don't have to sort out the logs — they can start building immediately. In addition, the homeowner has the flexibility of making last-minute changes in window and door sizes and locations.


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